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Dance is a wonderful way for children to express themselves creatively, become familiar with their physical capabilities and rhythmic potential, as well as learn to appreciate a variety of music. Dance classes have proven to increase poise, self confidence and respect for others.


Ballet classes are structured to include “barre” and centre floor exercises, as well as choreographed routines. Focus is on the basic technique of Classical Ballet (R.A.D.) and terminology for future use. Only very advanced students prepare for "pointe" work.

Jazz classes emphasize rhythm and dynamics in a structured but less disciplined environment than Ballet. These classes stress contemporary movement, stretching and strengthening as well as style and creativity. Some acrobatics may be incorporated into our jazz routines. A background in Ballet is always beneficial, but not mandatory, before studying Jazz.

Hip Hop classes are an energetic, rhythmic form of dance that demand far less emphasis on technique and discipline compared to other forms of dance but provide a great deal of fun and exercise for the students.

Tap classes are offered for children and adults, beginner and experienced dancers. Please note the minimum age for these classes is 5 yrs or up.

Acro or Acrobatic dance classes emphasize flexibility and strength while incorporating dance, gymnastic and acrobatic moves to music. Students should be 5 yrs of age or up.

Pre-Dance classes for 2-4 year olds explore movement through rhythm, games and imagery. Included are stretching and balancing exercises to increase flexibility and coordination. Ballet, jazz and some acrobatic techniques are introduced at this early age to prepare little dancers for future, more physically demanding challenges. Please refer to the Pre-Dance Info Sheet for more details. These are 30 minute classes, once a week.

Musical Theatre is offered to students wishing to study a combination of drama (acting), dance, and singing (or lip syncing). The "triple threat" theory is rising in popularity and very beneficial for those interested in a career on stage or in front of the camera that requires all three elements.

Lyrical and Modern (Interpretive) Dance classes are offered to students with advanced Ballet and Jazz training. These classes are an emotional and physical interpretation of lyrics and music and exploration of creative movement focusing on strength, agility, balance and coordination.

Adult Jazz, Tap & Ballet classes are a terrific way to exercise and have fun! They are "low impact", beginner to advanced classes that follow the same technical principles as the children's classes and yes, you will be expected to perform in our year end Recitals, costumes & all! A sense of humor is the only pre-requisite for these classes!

All students participate in year end recitals. Dancers are encouraged throughout the year to choreograph steps in class & for their final performances. We at Dance Fuel pride ourselves in the equal treatment & education of all dancers. Through exceptional praise and encouragement, our dancers grow to be well adjusted, confident and aspiring individuals!